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Moving towards sustainability in every drive

Audi's commitment to contributing to a sustainable future.

At Audi, the future is electric. With the commitment towards becoming the leading provider of sustainable premium mobility by ensuring that all-electric models, from production to delivery, are under net carbon neutral conditions. To the investment of charging infrastructure by promoting the expansion of renewable energies and identifying more carbon savings potential.

Apart from reaching the goal of a company-wide net carbon neutrality by 2050, Audi is expanding its range of fully electric vehicles. By 2027, more fully electric vehicles will be launched in every key segment.

Aspects like recyclability at the start of development are fundamental for Audi to determine its drive for sustainable product development through research and inspiration on improving recyclability and saving materials.

The all-new flagship Audi Q8 e-tron is certified as a climate-neutral product with the conscious effort of reducing carbon emissions throughout the production process by utilizing renewable sources, including the high-voltage battery, down to the fine details, such as seatbelt buckle covers manufactured using a mixture of automobile plastic waste through chemical recycling.

All this while balancing aesthetics and sustainability, expect innovation, progression and sophistication in the future Audi e-tron range.

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